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Success Stories

mechanical engineering

  • Template rollout to European and American national companies
  • Total Cost Format vs. Cost of sales
  • Group chart of accounts and alternative local chart of accounts
  • Sales tax returns in European and American countries
  • Local GAAP vs. IFRS
  • SAP revenue recognition
  • Second & Third Level Support world-wide
  • Approval workflows

Outdoor advertising

  • First & second level support for custom add ons
  • Central purchasing with SAP MM
  • Custom developments
  • Interfaces to SAP and to individual developments
  • Forms

sales companies

  • International rollouts
  • First & Second Level Support in sales and material management

Various other industries

  • Different payment methods (including SEPA, ACH, BACS, check)
  • Set up IFRS depreciation area in asset accounting
  • Upgrade EHP8
  • Income
  • Archiving
  • Forms, e-mails from SAP
  • Workflows